Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Driving in the Garage

I’ve somewhat converted the garage into a play area when daddy’s car is out of the garage. It’s great because I can open the garage door to let in the sun and air. I simply gate it with the old cage and wha-laa, it’s playtime. When the weather is bad, the kids need a change in pace, or I need to do laundry, it’s the perfect solution. The kids love it too. We can make a mess and it’s no big deal! I see paint, dough, bubbles, and dirt in the near future.

Here’s Ellisa driving her first car. She doesn’t even act like she enjoys it, but once you stop pushing her, you know she wants more. I love the break-downs and the complete change in attitude once she waves ba-bye. Yes, this little girl can throw a fit.

2 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Driving in the Garage”
  1. Jane Bock says:

    How adorable!! They are getting so big!!! Love aunt jane

  2. Sarah says:

    So cute! Love how she stops crying long enough to wave goodbye!

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