With Cold comes Colds

So it hasn’t gotten that cold considering we live in central Texas, but ever since Winter began, we’ve been sick.

It all started the day after Thanksgiving when Ellisa starting sneezing and had a runny nose. Then of course Hudson got it and then me. Nothing major. Just your standard stuffy nose, sore throat, night time cough kind of cold. And surprisingly it didn’t seem to slow the kids down. Naps went a bit longer, but other than that and the constant drip-wipe-drip routine, you wouldn’t haveknown they were sick. Hudson was back to his normal self after 3 weeks.

Ellisa’s nose ran for over a month and I was beginning to think she had Cedar Fever, but she’s been clear of congestion for two days now. I’m hoping it isn’t allergies since we’re still in the middle of allergy season. I really don’t want my children to have to deal with allergies! That poor girl couldn’t stand getting her nose wiped! She threw a fit every time I came at her with a Kleenex. I came at her with a Kleenex probably every 5-10 minutes. I don’t blame her. Her little nose was so raw and broken-out after the first week, I barely recognized her.

By the time Christmas came, we were all feeling pretty well minus some runny snot here and there, until Charles came down with something right when his family got her to visit over the holidays. What luck. The poor guy sounded and looked miserable but didn’t complain once. A trait I hope the twins pick up from him. Then about a week or two after Charles got sick, I got sick again. Again, nothing major–and I thought I beat it by drinking Emergen-C’s like water–but I didn’t. I think I just diminished its severity.

What I find hard is when we’re all sick, no one can be productive–especially me. It’s like the whole family is on hold and NOTHING gets done. The dishes pile up, the groceries become minimal, the house gets dirtier, and everyone is moody. The worse it gets, the more I want to sleep and ignore all my responsibilities. I just don’t have the energy or drive when I’m feeling bad. I can’t imagine anyone does. On top of that, we stayed locked in our home for so long we got cabin fever. The kids and I desperately wanted to get out and see people, but I didn’t see anyone for over a month fearing I would get their family sick (I really hate it when I see snotty kids playing at the park!), or worse, get another cold. Thank goodness we had the holidays with visiting family and friends to keep us busy and entertained. Otherwise, it would have been a long month.

I hope you don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m not. We had it really easy. The first year of their lives, we had one minor cold that lasted under a week, and it was nothing more than a runny nose. Then our “Winter” colds came 6+ months later. That’s been it. I’ve actually been extremely lucky since I’ve heard other moms complain about their twins being sick non-stop for months. We had no doctor visits, no medicine, and no vomiting. I’d say 2 minor colds in 16 months isn’t bad.

It’s now mid-January and I’m in the final days of my cold. Charles is still recovering with a cough that won’t quit but seems to get slightly better by the day. I’m hoping by writing this, we rid ourselves of colds until 2013. Am I dreaming?

Here’s to being healthy in 2012! Let us enjoy the outdoors, our friends, and family without the worries, stress, and down right nasty feelings that come with being sick. To our health!

One Response to “With Cold comes Colds”
  1. Joseph says:

    As soon as winter hits, you see a rash of cold symptoms from everyone and hear about the sick days left and right. All you can do is take it easy on yourself and rest. Megan and I have been fighting some stuff off and on since Thanksgiving as well!

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