Christmas and New Year’s Write-Up 2011

This has easily been the best Christmas I have had since being an adult. The Purma’s came into town and we did nothing but truly enjoying ourselves. Going to see Santa, Christmas cookie making, home-made meals (Thank You Vicki!), lots of presents, and tons of family and love made for the best Christmas ever. The only thing missing was snow. It was a pleasure to see the Purma and Walsh families get along so well and enjoy each others company. It makes me happy to know that our families can spend time together.

After we said goodbye to the Purma’s, my best friend from elementary school, Sarah Walker, came to visit. We had a ball just hanging out. It’s nice to be around an old friend. We spent most of our time taking the kids out to eat and going for walks. They were loving the gorgeous weather and so were we. We even got to squeeze in an evening massage at Viva Spa (I highly recommend it) only to finish the night with dinner at Uchi. I was in pure heaven. Thanks for the visit Sarah! And the awesome gifts! You’re the best.

After Sarah’s departure, we finally got the chance to visit my dad for a couple of days so the kids could open their presents with him and Mary Ann. Of course, we squeezed in some pickleball too. It was a nice relaxing end to the holiday madness. We even had one day left to recover alone at home.

And that takes us from Christmas Eve through New Years day. Here’s a bunch of photos from our Christmas/New Years holiday break. (click on the photo to enlarge)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s been a great year! Both kids have exceeded my expectations and life with twins just gets easier and more fun with every day. Am I going to bite my words in 2012? Charles has been working hard at the office AND keeping his family healthy and happy. What more could a wife ask for? We’ve been blessed that Ellisa has not had to have a shunt revision and neither baby had any serious illnesses or mishaps through the year-just a couple of standard runny noses and bumps on the head. I’d say, Life Is Good. Here’s lookin’ at 2012!

2 Responses to “Christmas and New Year’s Write-Up 2011”
  1. Joseph says:

    Great Pics! Keep em coming.

  2. It sounds like you had a great holiday! The babies are adorable, as always! I want to come over and play with some of those new toys.
    And let’s set up a night out sometime soon!

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