Friday Fun Spot: Santa Time

This is a bit long but adorable. Santa is known as the statue in our living room that lights up, doesn’t move, and plays really loud and annoying Christmas tunes. I love it because I remember playing with it as a child AND because my children seem to love it. Ellisa can’t get enough dance time in with Santa and Hudson enjoys smelling Santa (don’t ask). I love how Ellisa tries to sing along too. I was amazed at how fast they learned the word Santa. I think I had only said it a few times when I realized they were walking over to it so I would play the music again. BTW: This is a great way to encourage signing. I make them sign ‘Again’ before starting the music.

Thanks Grandma Walsh for bringing it by!

One Response to “Friday Fun Spot: Santa Time”
  1. Sarah says:

    I remember that Santa!

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