Motherhood: The First Year

Since today is my birthday (Ah, I’m 35!), I thought I would celebrate it by writing about the lessons I’ve learned within the last year of being a first-time mom. My list is nothing novel–especially to those of you who are already parents–but personal teachings I want to remember. I’m sure there are a ton more lessons to add but I only have one day to write this. Keep in mind these are in no particular order. Here goes…

• Happy Birthday to me is no longer in my thoughts. The days of me, me, me have disappeared and living for someone else has taken over my single selfish ways. Amazingly, life is better like this.

• Eating, bathing, and, sleeping are no longer a priority. I’m hungry, stinky, and tired most of the time. I’m perfectly happy with that (others may not be but frankly darling, I don’t …).

• You can never be too grateful for what you have. And once you have what you want, you’re quick to want more.

• I love to write.

• A perfect child doesn’t exist. Neither does a perfect mom. Perfection is too hard to achieve and quite boring at that.

• Having a baby is easier than I thought. Having two babies is way easier than I thought. Don’t confuse that with two babies are easier than one. I’m guessing it’s not.

• Babies are physically strong and extremely strong-willed. Two things that are nearly impossible to wrestle when changing a dirty diaper.

• I’m mentally more stable and level-headed than I thought. I can endure and go on.

• I don’t have time for trivial problems. Especially other people’s.

• The clock has never been more important to me than in the last year.

• The ability to produce milk is incredible. A woman’s body is an amazing thing.

• No one can care for my children better than me. NO ONE.

• Hanging out with babies is more fun than hanging out with adults. Even though they can’t speak, they are funnier, more clever, and can party hard.

• Choosing to stay home with my children is the best decision I’ve ever made. Well, next to deciding to have children.

• Life is unfair. And more importantly, complaining about it doesn’t change that it’s unfair.

• I’m a good mom yet I have room for improvement. Improvements include, but aren’t excluded to, being more patient, spending more time relaxing alone AND with my children, and finding time for my husband.

• I married an amazing man, husband, and father.

• The medical industry performs miracles daily. The same medical industry borders on terrorism.

• You can never predict your day no matter how organized you are, so just go with the flow.

• I am honest. Brutally honest. My time is too important not to be.

• I have an amazing family that is always willing to help out when needed.

• Having a child isn’t hard. Being a mother is (notice I did not choose to say mom here).

• Most people are clueless about how twins work. No, my boy/girl twins are not identical. Yes, they are the same age.

• My eyes, ears, sense of smell, and intuition works better than I ever knew. A woman’s body is an amazing thing.

• I have never been more proud than to have decided to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-m0m). I wish the people I told this to looked proud of me as well. It’s sad my profession is not more respected.

• Support is invaluable.

• The human brain is a complex mysterious organ.

• Too many doctors get paid to say, “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

• My new life has opened doors I never would have ventured to go through.

• Life before children was fun, exciting, and new. This love boat has docked yet life is more fun, more exciting, and new in ways unimaginable.

• Marriage is a partnership. If one partner falls short, the whole business fails.

• Watching your child learn feels amazing.

• Laughter is the best medicine.

• I can’t believe how fast a day can go by. I can’t believe how slow a day can go by.

• Most public places aren’t baby-proofed. Actually, no public places are baby-proofed.

• Schedule = sanity.

• Until you’ve been told you’re going to lose something, you have NO appreciation for what it is you had (or believed you were going to have).

 • A woman’s body is an amazing thing.

…and many more.

5 Responses to “Motherhood: The First Year”
  1. I love this list. I especially love the one about not having time for trivial problems (So True!), the one about people not getting twins (people are really stupid!), and of course, the one about doctors getting paid too much to say “we’ll just have to wait and see”. I was reading this on my phone at Schlotzsky’s and literally laughed out loud at this one. We’ve been told the whole “wait and see” thing more times than I can count too.

  2. Cynthia Elkins says:

    Happy Birthday, Mackenzie. I have a a similar journal list! And, on date night Saturday, we sat in the middle of Flemings restaurant. ‘Just because’ I felt it and just because I was overwhelmed with gratitude and fulfillment in life, I shared my thanks and appreciation for my hubby to my hubby right then and there. I was in tears because of all the emotion and our server happened to stop right in the middle of it. Lol! He said, “uh-oh, I feel like I came at a bad time” as I’m smiling wiping my tears, Steve smiling and holding my hand says, “Yeah, she’s breaking up with me.” Lol.

    When one partner falls short the whole business doesn’t fail, it just gets ‘shook up’ a bit, but the other partner steps up and helps pillar the other to keep all above water! :-) With your love, smarts and perseverance, your business will always be successful.

    Glad to know someone else has discovered a lot of the same teachings/learnings and sentiments!

    God bless you guys always, can’t be happier for you.

    • pforpeanuts says:

      I knew someone would get me on that one! ;)

      I guess I was thinking if one partner falls short permanently. Meaning it takes two parents to raise a child and both parents have definite roles and responsibilities that must be upheld. If one falls short of their role or responsibility, you may not be out of business, but the whole family can suffer.

  3. Joseph says:

    Great list! I find that when most people try to get others to question the decisions they make, they are usually unhappy about something THEY are doing. Misery really does love company. Add that one to the list!

  4. KatieP says:

    Happy Birthday, Mackenzie! See you later today.

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