Pumpkins, Peanuts, and Pickleball: A Perfect Purma Halloween

This was the best Halloween weekend I can remember. My babies were both home, healthy, and in good spirits. I’m a happy mom!

Why am I so grateful for a good Halloween? Last year was the twin’s first official Halloween, although I think of this year as their first since Ellisa wasn’t home from NICU last year at this time. It can’t be a family first without the whole family, right? Halloween was my due date, so it’s hard to believe that one, last year at this time my babies were already 1.5 months old and two, Ellisa was still sick in NICU after 7 weeks post delivery. I thought she was looking really good last Halloween but after looking at old pictures tonight, I was reminded of how sick she still was. It wasn’t for another month that she came home. But look at that little girl now! And that is why I’m grateful.

– – – – – – – – – –

Halloween 2011:
I found their costumes accidentally when I was planning their first “peanut” birthday party and couldn’t resist. They were perfect! And I promise, the peanut theme is coming to an end.

After a morning walk Saturday, we decided to pick out some pumpkins for the kiddos at a local pumpkin patch in the afternoon. Hudson had a blast running around and Ellisa enjoyed climbing all over the pumpkins. We came home with a small pumpkin per kid and a large family one. Perfect weather and perfect kids.

Sunday morning we went to a Halloween costume contest at Ruta Maya on S. Congress. It was a blast! I had a pumpkin latte while  listening to The Strollers (the perfect kid/adult band-so Austin) and following one of the two peanuts around and around the venue. Ellisa danced to the band and Hudson ran all over the place. It was filled with probably 30+ kids all dressed up, so it was loud and wild. Perfect family fun. We didn’t win the contest but we think we would have won the Audience Pick. We kept getting aren’t-they-cute stares.

That afternoon we did some trick or treating and stopped by our friends house–really just to show off the kids in their costumes. They were a hit. Later that night, Charles made his annual chicken pumpkin chipotle enchiladas. They were amazing! And this year they were just for the two of us. Yum yum. I’m already looking forward to them again next year.

Charles took off Monday afternoon, Halloween day, and we drove to Sun City for a visit with the grandparents and some pickleball play. All our pickleball friends loved the peanuts and we got some needed exercise and sunshine. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day.

7 Responses to “Pumpkins, Peanuts, and Pickleball: A Perfect Purma Halloween”
  1. Natalie says:

    Love the peanuts!!! So glad you had such a great weekend. I wish we hadn’t had to go to Birmingham. Oh well….guess there’s always next year! ;)

  2. Joseph says:

    I cracked up at Hudson’s “peanut walk”! Let me know if you got a video of that. It might be worth putting him back in the costume to get that, if not.

  3. Grandpa Tom says:

    Great Blog with wonderful photos. Could be my favorite to date. Isn’t it amazing how things
    can be so different in just a year. Halloween was a geat day for Mary Ann and I as well.
    Life is Good!

    • pforpeanuts says:

      Yeah, I really can’t believe how much they grow in one year. It’s sort of sad yet exciting. The first photo of the four of us, Hudson looks like he could be 10 years old!

  4. Sarah says:

    LOVE their costumes! So cute! One request, can you make the photos bigger? I want to see the detail in their adorableness!

    • pforpeanuts says:

      Sarah, just click on the image and it will enlarge. When I add a bunch, like in this post, I create a gallery to save myself some time and the default size is somewhat small. I’ll be sure to make them larger when I’m adding them one at a time in future posts. Glad you like them!

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