Twins First Grocery Store Visit

Having twins is like being a lefty (left-handed). Everyone knows they exist but nothing is made with them in mind. One mom, one grocery cart, two babies. Doesn’t really work. I know some carts are made for two, and I will eventually venture out to find those, but for now I’ll stick with the help of my sister.

I know, you’re asking yourself, “How hasn’t she been to the grocery store with the twins yet?” The answer: I’ve always had family available to watch them while I went to the store. Yes, my family has been amazing and I remind myself daily how lucky I am to have them.

Today was our first trip to the grocery store and boy was it fun! I had Hudson and Courtney had Ellisa. Hudson pointed at lots of things while I named them off. He banged on napkins, chewed on a paprika bottle, and ate blueberries. Ellisa, well I’m not sure exactly what she did, but she seemed to shake her head a lot and smile at the onlookers.

Here’s a few pictures. Love the outfits (Thanks to the Purmas!).

Ellisa and Hudson in their first HEB

Ellisa and Hudson in their first HEB

Hudson checking out

Hudson checking out

Ellisa gnawing on a cucumber

Ellisa gnawing on a cucumber

2 Responses to “Twins First Grocery Store Visit”
  1. Grocery stores are such a great place for learning; colors, counting, self control, budgets, money, proper eating habits and more. How exciting that they are old enough now to go with you and have a new adventure!

  2. Katy Maurer says:

    I miss grocery shopping. I usually send Mark on the weekends, because of my inability to get to the grocery store by myself. I loved your analogy about twins and left handedness….so true! The only place we can get to on our own is Costco because they do have the double seated cart.

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