Fall is here. Kinda.

So, I don’t have the energy to do the post I really wanted to do today, so instead I thought I would sum up an almost perfect “Fall” weekend (Fall is in quotes because the high is still in the lower 90’s).

Friday night Charles, the kids, and I had a mini-picnic outside the condo overlooking the city. The twins snacked on blueberries and Cherrios while we sat back with a couple of beers. It was the perfect beginning to a great weekend. Saturday morning we went for a gorgeous walk on Lady Bird Lake and then had friends over at 11:00 for a game day. We played one game, ate breakfast tacos, played with babies, started another game (never finished it), went down to Jessie Street Eats for dinner, and in bed by 10:00. Sunday we woke up early, drove to Sun City, played 2.5 hours worth of pickleball, had lunch with Grandpa Walsh, visited with Mary Ann, and then headed back home for an early night in–too tired to eat or do anything other than write this post (and this is taking too long).

Charles and Hudson at Jessie Street Eats

Charles and Hudson at Jessie Street Eats

Ellisa in front of The Kitchen Window

Ellisa in front of The Kitchen Window

I was supposed to go to the St.David’s Central NICU reunion this weekend but it was during a UT game and the hospital is right next to the stadium. They actually let non-hospital guests park in their lot. It’s insane if you are trying to visit someone in the hospital! Driving and parking is mad and I just didn’t want to bother with it–especially after last week’s NICU reunion experience. I’ll try and go next year.

I would say it was almost a perfect weekend except Hudson cried a lot more than normal. He’s falling down a ton as he gets more and more confident with his walking therefore hurting himself more and more. He’s seriously out of control. I wonder if he has allergies or is teething too. He’s just not quite himself the last few days. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal this week.

I’ll leave you with this somewhat uninteresting video. If you’re not family or obsessed with babies, you probably won’t want to sit through the 4.5 minutes of this. It’s probably only cute to us, the grandparents, and a few others.

2 Responses to “Fall is here. Kinda.”
  1. Joseph says:

    I really liked watching the race for the last blueberry! Do you think Hud has an ear thing? Coming from someone with no kids or experience, I hear that ear infections happen a lot when a baby cries more than usual. Now I have exhausted all my knowledge.

  2. Mary Ann O'Gorman says:

    That was a slice of real good life. No batteries required, sit back & enjoy!

    Mary Ann

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