NICU Reunion: North Austin Medical Center

The entrance to NICU

The entrance to NICU

I was excited when a nurse called me two weeks ago to tell me about the NICU reunion where the twins were born. I wanted to see some of the nurses and especially visit with Ellisa’s primary doctor, Dr. Wheatley, who is the person responsible for saving Ellisa’s life.

We got back a couple hours ago and it was somewhat of a let down. For one, I only saw three nurses that I remembered and it wasn’t clear to me after visiting with them if they even remembered us. Plus, I never got to see Dr. Wheatley. I know she was there–Charles saw her for a split second–but after roaming around the reunion in search of her, I finally gave up. I think she would have been pleasantly surprised to see that Ellisa is doing as well as she is. Dr. Wheatley was the one that told us Ellisa’s worse case scenario would be severe CP and mental retardation, neither of which she has. Oh well. Maybe next time. If we decide to go again.

The food was descent and if you had older kids, there was a ton of fun things for them to do; trains, clowns, cotton-candy, popcorn, etc… The standard kid stuff at most parties like this.

What I enjoyed more than anything was running into all the incredible women I’ve since met in various preemie or multiple groups. I finally got to meet their kids in person and catch up with them individually on their lives. I think I would rather spend my time meeting with these women for play dates.

My dad met us there and it was nice to see him. He hadn’t seen the kids in over a week, so it was worth going just to spend time with him. He even had presents for the peanuts. Ah, Grandpa.

The somewhat depressing part about the NICU reunion was that it made you realize how inconsequential you are. You’re just one in a crowd of many who have all gone through hard times of their own. And no matter what YOU went through, you’re easily forgotten. The world goes on.

This was a reminder to enjoy the good times you have, be thankful for your life when you and your family are happy and healthy, and don’t waste your time with people that don’t care. Good family and friends are to be cherished. Happy times are to be had.

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Grandpa Walsh just saw the peanuts on KVUE. Thought I would add it and share the twins first half second of fame. It won’t be their last.

One Response to “NICU Reunion: North Austin Medical Center”
  1. Joseph says:

    On the other side of your coin, though, is that events like this usually also open your eyes to people in situations who have it worse. It can make you feel lucky as well. I think your party for the nuts showed you how many you have around that care!

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