A “Peanut” Party: Behind the Scenes

Since my friends Kristin, Jessica, and I hand-made almost everything for the twins first birthday party, I thought I would share what all we made and a quick how-we-made-it.

First of all, I went with a “peanut” theme for obvious reasons. Once I designed the invitation, I based everything else off that. Instead of starting from scratch, I used design elements from this blog, and colors and patterns from their nursery. Not only did this keep their current “peanut brand” cohesive, it also kept the cost down since I had left over fabric and paper from designing the nursery. I also loved the idea of keeping some of the hand-made elements–specifically the banner– and adding them to the nursery.

First came the invitation. BC (Before Children), I was a graphic designer. This helps a ton when designing your own custom invites. However, there are tons of sites that do a really nice job of this for you. I printed the invite on my cheap printer at home, hand cut out the window and document, added the eyelet for the bow, and used red label stickers on the back to keep the wrap in place. It took a lot of time to design and craft but well worth the effort. I think they turned out adorable. Plus, I invited less than 20 people so I didn’t have to make very many. I even got to sneak in a line from the movie we watched the night before I went into labor–…and they’re ready to party (Who can name that movie?).

1st Birthday Party Invitation
Inside and Back of Invitation

Next I came up with a menu:

Caramel corn with peanuts – Thank you Kristin. I think this was the biggest hit next to The Elvis.
Pickles – A Purma family favorite that had to be included

Main Dishes:
The Classic – PB&J on white bread
The Elvis –  Peanut butter, bananas, and bacon on honey wheat bread
Thai Peanut “Ramen” Salad
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – Charles and Frank made awesome chicken on the grill and Kristin made a killer peanut sauce.

Dessert: cupcake recipes here
Peanut Butter cupcakes – Thank you Kristin!
Orange cupcakes – Thank you Kristin!
Chocolate cupcakes – Thank you Kristin!
Smash cakes–These were for the twins and were made by Blue Note Bakery. They turned out adorable!

Food set-upThe ElvisSnacksThe Dessert Table

Once the menu was set, Kristin and I came up with a list of all the things we just had to make:
• Cupcake toppers and other food labels
• Peanut onesies–This is a job for Jessica!
• Party hats
• Party favors-Peanut Butter of course
• Decorative banner

For the food labels and cupcake toppers, we used Kristin’s Cricut machine to easily create different shapes. We hand-wrote the menu on shipping labels and I printed out the baby’s 12 faces for 12 months on my cheap HP printer–cutting those by hand–for the cupcake toppers. Bows and paper were bought at Hobby Lobby and I used yellow straws as the stands for the food labels and toothpicks for the cupcake toppers. Pretty simple.

Jessica was put on task to make the onesies. She pulled some left over quilting fabric, snagged some of my ribbon, and went to town. I love how they came out. A red bow for Ellisa and a yellow bow tie for Hudson. Perfect.

The party favors were super easy and fun to make. I went to HEB and bought their fresh ground peanut butter, transferred it to left-over mason jars, threw some left over fabric on top and there you have it. Cute party favors.

A couple last-minute things that came out great were the party hats (Hudson only wore his and for less than a minute) and the Happy 1st Birthday sign Kristin made. She cut out each letter on her Cricut, glued them on to toothpicks, and then poked them in peanuts–with a little Elmer’s to help secure them in place. It turned out smashing and made the dessert table look amazing!

For the banner (see the last photo), we used left over fabric from the nursery, construction paper, and ribbon. We simply cut out the banner triangles, cut out the fabric triangles slightly smaller with fabric shears, glued the two together, hole-punched the top two corners of the paper triangles, and strung the ribbon through. Then we added extra ribbon in between each flag to make it extra cute. I think this project turned out to be my favorite. I have it hanging in the nursery now.

Food labelsCupcake ToppersEllisa in her girl peanut onesiePeanut butter party favorsHudson wearing his boy peanut onesieParty Setup

I wanted to make the twins first birthday extra special because of all we have been through. This wasn’t just a first birthday party for me, it was a small celebration of life–to my two little peanuts who are both doing amazingly well! It turned out to be a perfect party and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends and family. I promise, not every year will be this much work.

4 Responses to “A “Peanut” Party: Behind the Scenes”
  1. Joseph says:

    I wish I could have made it! I need to talk to you sometime about website design if you do that off and on. Impressive display!

  2. This post is great! What a fun party, thanks for the mention about the onesies. They were fun to make; I am excited to make something else for next year’s birthday party. I wish I weren’t in Hudson’s close up photo (although I am looking super hot with food in my mouth.)

  3. Sarah says:

    So adorable! This belongs in a magazine!

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