12 faces for 12 months

This was a project I wanted to do after I saw something similar on A Cup of Jo. It was really easy to set up and fun to shoot. The hardest part was getting the twins to make all their faces. That and getting Ellisa to keep her bow on her head.

I simply sat a tripod in front of their highchairs, put a white screen behind them, and shot photos repeatedly for about 5 days straight 5 minutes at a time. I got a ton of shots but these were the best. Then I opened them in Photoshop and placed them all in one document. Pretty easy and a great keepsake. I see Christmas gifts in the near future.

Plus, I used each face of each twin as one cupcake topper at their 1st birthday party for a total of 24 cupcakes. When I accidentally printed out an extra copy, I used them as artwork for the party too.

Hudson's 12 Faces for 12 Months
Ellisa's 12 Faces for 12 Months
3 Responses to “12 faces for 12 months”
  1. jessann24335 says:

    Those are so cute! Ellisa’s make me laugh (especially the top left photo), and Hudson is so handsome in his fifth picture.

  2. Joseph says:

    I like the one where Elissa has the bow off her head! She has a look like, ” you wanna try putting that bow on again”?

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