12 months today!

It’s been a year and I’m happy to say we made it! Actually, it’s been a year and one day, but who’s counting.

This has definitely been the best month by far. Since the twins are both more aware of their surroundings, they have been much more fun this last month. It’s like they’re real thinking little people now, responding to our words and actions more than ever.

The house has been almost completely baby-proofed and the twins are on the go downstairs when ever they get the chance. We still have to watch their every move as they will get into anything. They are especially loving their new freedom in the kitchen and living room. Putting them in “the cage” is getting nearly impossible as they cry to be let out. Also, they both are climbing up the stairs like pros. It’s getting down that we’re still working on. Yikes.

Ellisa at 12 months

Ellisa at 12 months

Hudson at 12 months

Hudson at 12 months

Their sleeping schedule hasn’t changed at all except the last two days we’ve skipped their afternoon nap due to being off schedule. It’s actually worked out pretty well so far and I might keep trying it as they are sleeping longer at night (14 hours the first night!) and up longer during the afternoon (which allows us to go out and do things). I’m looking forward to this new schedule and hope it starts sooner than later so I can have more time in the evening to myself and have more time with the kids in the afternoon for play dates.

Eating hasn’t changed much either. I’m anxious to cut out ounces of milk and fill the gap with solids so they begin to be on a normal schedule. Hudson really relies on his bottle before bed and I’m afraid that’s going to be hard for him to live without. Ellisa will stay on her same diet until she gains more weight.

Playtime is great in the nursery. I LOVE the nursery–it’s such a happy place. The both LOVE hanging out there due to their freedom to roam anywhere and play with anything. Hudson and Ellisa both love climbing on and off the futon and Hudson especially loves climbing up to the top of the futon where he stands so he can look outside. It’s seriously his favorite thing to do and so cute. As soon as he stands up and looks outside he gets really happy and begins to giggle. He’ll stand gazing out the window for 10+ minutes, walking the futon plank back and forth, until he randomly decides to free fall backwards. That is the reason the futon is leaving the nursery early next week. Dangerous.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Ellisa being a cutie

Ellisa with her blankie

Ellisa has been developing cognitively a ton this past month. I was getting worried about that so I’m glad to see the positive progression she’s had recently. She’s been making many new sounds including gargling and vibrating her lips while flapping her mouth with her hand at the same time. She’s been playing interactive games letting us know she wants to play again–head tilt, shaky head, upside down swing, squishy face–and she’s finding things funnier than before. Aunt Courtney is one of the best at getting her to laugh.

Her gross motor skills have improved too. She’s standing by herself, cruising on furniture (and mommy), crawling like a mad woman, and pivoting and lunging from one object to the next. She isn’t walking yet but is very close. I get the feeling she just doesn’t have the confidence yet to take the plunge, but I know she can do it. So close Ellisa!

Feeding has gotten better in that it has become more consistent and no longer a struggle. She still doesn’t take much as far as quantity goes, but she seems to be getting what she needs. She’s been drinking Pediasure for a while now and that gives her bunch of extra calories, plus we add lots of calories to her food. I’m the queen of fortified milk and food now.

New things that have happened this month are crawling under legs and tables, shaking her head “no,” drinking from a straw cup, and reaching out her hand to things (pre-pointing I think). My favorite new thing is her attachment to her blankie. She loves her blankie and she has to hold on to it in order to suck her thumb. It’s super cute and a great way for her to tell me she’s either hungry or tired.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Hudson enjoying his view

Hudson enjoying his view

Hudson has been the same old wild and super strong kid. His walking is near perfected–except for when he gets tired and clumsy–and he’s still climbing on everything and everybody. All he wants to do is walk around and get into trouble.

Hudson is obviously beginning to understand language on a new level. He points at everything naming his finds as either “abums” or “cats.” His point is so crooked and cute. He knows where we usually keep his “bot,” aka bottle, and will point to it and let you know when he wants it by calling it out. It’s super cool to watch his communication begin.

He has no problem eating, although lately he seems more interested in looking outside during mealtime vs eating. He eats plenty. He can drink from his sippy cup–which he likes to carry around with him like a prized possession–and straw cup too. He’s such a mess with drinking from cups that I’m having a hard time allowing him to drink from them all day. I know I need to give in and let him do it. It’s just so messy and the “bot” is so much easier!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Pointing and sucking it out–their favorite things.

Pointing and sucking it out–their favorite things.

Trying to get a picture of them is impossible

Trying to get a good picture of them is impossible

Stats from the pediatrician at their annual check-up today:

Weight: 22.4 lbs, 40%
Height: 29.5″, 50%
Head Circumference: 46 cm, 50%

Weight: 18.4 lbs, 25%
Height: 28″, 10%
Head Circumference: 41.5 cm, >2%

– – – – – – – – – – –

Well, that’s it for the first year. I couldn’t be happier with where both my babies are given their circumstances. They are both the joys of my life and I can’t imagine the last year without them in it. I’m extremely excited to watch them grow and help them become independent toddlers this next year. And what new things will they teach me? My guess is patience.

Year two, here we come.

2 Responses to “12 months today!”
  1. Sometimes they are so cute it hurts! I miss seeing you guys all the time, now that I’m not there at least once a week to plan their birthday party. I need to come over and “squish” some babies sometime soon.

  2. Joseph says:

    So big now! I really need to come see them again soon.

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