The “Peanuts” First Birthday Party Wrap-up

Okay, I’m gonna make this short as no one wants to read a bunch of babble about the twins first birthday party. What every one really wants is to look at photos.

To sum it up: I believe a great time was had by all and it couldn’t have been more of a success in my book! No fussy or crying babies and no major disasters. The decorations were adorable (thanks to Kristin, Jessica, and Courtney), the food was tasty as could be (thanks to Kristin for the sweets, and Frank and Charles for the meats), and the smash cakes for the babies were unbelieveble (thanks to Blue Note Bakery).

The twins got tons of great gifts including new books, clothes, a sit ‘n spin–which I’m slightly disappointed about as it’s too small for me to try–, Minnesota Twins hoodies (super cute!), and an amazing Radio Flyer wagon from Grandpa Tom. I can’t wait to take the twins to Zilker Park in that.

I have to add that in the madness of the party we forgot to light candles and sing happy birthday. Urg! We’ll be sure to do that tomorrow on their actually birthday. Sorry peanuts!

So without further delay, here are the pix! Thank you, thank you Beth, for your generous time taking photos. You are truly talented!

4 Responses to “The “Peanuts” First Birthday Party Wrap-up”
  1. Katy Maurer says:

    Those pictures are great! The decorations were amazing, and it looked like so much fun! Happy Birthday Ellisa & Hudson!!

  2. Natalie says:

    Awesome!! I’m so glad you posted the photos. The cakes are adorable, the kids are adorable and you look great…so, looks like a total success!

  3. Joseph says:

    In the picture with Grandma Purma and Elissa, I paused for a bit as it looked like Grandma Purma was sporting a new, punk hairstyle! Looks like the party was a lot of fun. I was sorry Megan and I could not make it. Thanks for the great photos! We enjoyed them a lot! Happy 1 year, Nuts!

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