There Will Be Blood

Hudson has fallen three times this week landing on his latest and greatest toy: a yellow plastic cup. Plummeting directly on the lip of the cup, he has jabbed his teething gums. Ouch! Bleeding all over and crying like crazy, I feel so sorry for him. I hate seeing Hudson cry from pain like this. Poor little boy!

When will the falling stop? Do I need to take away ALL his “dangerous” toys? Almost every toy has the possibility of being dangerous. I think it’s because he loves to pick up heavy toys and walk with them. Then he stumbles and falls, catching himself with the toy in his hand. Therefore jabbing his face, forehead, nose, or gums.

I keep thinking he has learned his lesson but it doesn’t seem to sink in. Ten minutes after his last bloody fall, I caught him underneath Ellisa’s crib trying to grab at a cup–the yellow plastic cup.

Hudson and Mommy after a fall

Yes, that's Hudson's blood on my shirt.

2 Responses to “There Will Be Blood”
  1. Joseph says:

    Not sure you can always watch to make sure he is not carrying a toy while he walks. Maybe you could get him all toys that are fun to bounce off of? All bouncy ball toys?

  2. Natalie says:

    Poor baby! Harper had a seizure in the bath tub the other day and whacked her chin on her bath seat, which caused her to bite her tongue. Same thing – blood everywhere and screaming! So sad for these little ones.
    I think this kind of thing just comes with the territory for a little bit. They’ll figure it out soon.
    Hang in there, mama!

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