Watermelon Please

We first discovered that the twins LOVE watermelon when we took it out to the pool to help replenish the twin’s fluids in this Texas summer triple-digit heat. Then, Ellisa started having feeding issues a couple days ago–complete bottle aversion– and we thought we should try giving her watermelon to help her hydrate. Well, she loves it so much we were literally putting milk in the watermelon rind, using it as a goblet, and letting her drink it that way. Crazy I know, but you’ll do anything when your baby won’t eat. Here’s some shots of us having a bit of Saturday fun with watermelon.

And just to let people know, in other parts of the country*, watermelon is known as piss punkin.

Adorable Hud

Adorable Hud

Ellisa loves watermelon

Ellisa biting watermelon

Hudson showing off his new watermelon hat

Hudson showing off his new hat

Ellisa sticking out her tongue

Ellisa sticking out her tongue at daddy

Hudson chomping down on watermelon

Hudson chomping down

Hudson looking cute

Hudson looking cute

*Actually, this is a Purma family term invented by Charles John Purma II.

One Response to “Watermelon Please”
  1. Joseph says:

    How did he come up with piss punkin? I was curious.

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