A Purma Visit: Grandma Purma, Aunt Anna, and Cousin Martin

Last week the Purma’s came to visit. We got to spend some quality time with Grandma Vicki, Aunt Anna, and the twin’s cousin Martin. It was a blast. We spent most of our time either eating or playing at the pool. Of course that’s all in between taking care of the babies.

Grandma Vicki and Ellisa

Grandma Vicki and Ellisa

Of course Grandma Purma brought tons of clothes, toys, bedding, diapers, food, etc… We can always count on her to stock us full of everything we need. Vicki is the reason why I still haven’t set foot in a Babies “R” Us–a goal I’m proud of not yet breaking. We are truly greatful for all the gifts.

Hudson was in awe of Martin. I think he was taking in Martin’s every move, wishing he too could play just like him. Soon enough Hud. They bonded by taking turns blowing each other raspberries. Ellisa gave lots of cute looks to everyone, but especially to Martin since he was closer to her level. Martin kept calling both Hudson and Ellisa “lissa,” which I thought was ultra adorable. I think he had a hard time distinguishing the two apart. Who knows? Maybe he thought “lissa” meant “baby cousin.” In that case, he would have been correct in calling them both “lissa.”

Some memorable moments:

• The first night the Purma’s were in town Ellisa and Martin were hanging out on the futon together. Ellisa kept giving Martin her serious-forward-leaning-look. Martin was cracking up at her. I must admit, it’s hilarious when she does this. This went on for at least 5 minutes. Everyone was laughing!

• Feeding the twins new foods with Grandma Purma. They loved the Gerber Graduates Melts: Very Berry Blend that she brought.

Feeding time for the twins

Feeding time for the twins

• Vicki brought a Busy Ball Popper as a gift (This is a great toy moms!) and once we got that thing going, Martin and Hudson had the time of their lives. Hudson is still intrigued with this toy and makes a unique scream every time the thing turns on. He loves chasing the balls around more than anything.

Martin and Hudson playing with the Ball Popper

Martin and Hudson playing

• Looking through Charles’ baby photos and going through Charles’ old books, toys (love the ’73 Fisher Price Activity Center), and Mamo’s Bambi Disney quilt made especially for Charles when he was a baby.

Charles' baby quilt

Charles' baby quilt

• I think the funniest thing that happened was when Martin decided to take his suit off at the pool. He just walked out of the water, stripped down, threw his suit in the corner, and jumped back into the water. Keeping Austin Weird I guess. He seemed to assimilate to Austin awfully well.

Here’s some photos from the visit. Why did we not take more? Doesn’t that always seem to happen?

Martin taking "pictures" of Hudson

Martin taking "pictures" of Hudson

Ellisa sporting her new swimsuit from Grandma Purma

Ellisa sporting her new swimsuit from Grandma Purma

Hudson and Daddy having a blast

Hudson and Daddy having a blast

One Response to “A Purma Visit: Grandma Purma, Aunt Anna, and Cousin Martin”
  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you haven’t had to step foot in Babies R Us yet!

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