Hudson’s Gotta-Love-It-Laugh

Hudson will laugh at the most random things even when you’re not meaning to be funny. I absolutely LOVE these moments of laughter, often wondering “If I were a baby, would I find that funny?” Here’s a great example caught on video.

Background: I was playing with Hudson and his latest favorite toy: rubber duckie. I was telling him that ducks say “quack” and for some unexplained reason, it cracked him up. Of course I began to exaggerate “quack” in order to make him laugh even harder. Why did he find this so funny? His hasn’t found it funny since. These are the moments that make up for all the dirty diapers and late night crying.

Hope this makes you quack up too!

2 Responses to “Hudson’s Gotta-Love-It-Laugh”
  1. Joseph says:

    I am convinced that toddlers and animals think we are insane when we give them baby talk. If you look at it from their point of view, it is not a bad assumption. Besides, who does not enjoy a good laugh at an insane person?

  2. Mary Ann O'Gorman says:

    He near fell over laughing!

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