10 months Today!

I feel like I just wrote the 9 month post. But here we are at 10 months already. What’s new? A lot.

This month the twins have begun to take a liking to each other. They’ve always noticed each other around but I think they used to see each other as toys. Now they’re really starting see each other as people: reaching out for each other, playing with each other, and laughing at each other’s faces and sounds. Hudson particularly finds Ellisa hilarious. I see a stand-up comic in her future. I love watching them interact. It’s probably the best part about having twins and makes up for all the hard work the two of them throw my way.

Ellisa and Hudson at 10 months old

Sleeping has gotten better as neither baby is waking in the middle of the night (11-12 hours straight) and I’ve quit pumping and stopped waking Ellisa for her dream feed. I’ve never been so happy to quit something before in my life. I’m now taking Ellisa’s cues and if she’s not waking up to eat, I’m not feeding her. Sleep is so important for her development, I’m allowing that to take priority.

We’ve cut down on pool time as it’s getting into triple digits on most days here in Austin, plus it’s a lot of work taking them to the pool. We still get out at least once a week for “swimming lessons.”

Ellisa and Hudson Posing Under a Stool

Ellisa and Hudson Posing Under a Stool

We’re doing three meals a day now. It’s fun watching them have opinions where food is concerned. If Ellisa doesn’t become a stand-up comic she could easily become a food critic as she loves trying everything and isn’t afraid of new tastes and textures. Hudson on the other hand…

We’re working on commands like  bang, wave (Hi), shake, clap, sit, stand, stop (calm down), come to mama, and no. Is that too many for their age? None of these words seem to be sticking but Hudson knows my serious “no” voice and Ellisa loves to clap. Sometimes she even does it on command. I think they both understand “Shake” and “Clap” but whether they’ll do it when we say is something different. I try to incorporate sign language when I remember, but it’s hard. Neither of them seem to be picking up on any signs.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hudson at 10 months old

Hudson at 10 months old

Hudson has been working hard to perfect his stand, just waiting to take his first steps. I’ve counted up to 5 seconds of free standing, so he’s close to walking. Plus, I see him take a step or two between furniture as he walks along the furniture. I’m not sure I’m ready for walking. I secretly hope it takes him a few more months (I guess it’s not a secret anymore).

His speech is beginning to sound more conversational, which is extremely bizarre as it sounds like you are hearing him ask questions and make statements. Of course it’s complete gibberish. I adore it and find it amazing how the language of babies develops. The book How Babies Talk fascinates me. I look forward to reading each new section as they grow. Hudson’s added “ball” and “monkey” to his words-I-know list, and he even said “ball” one day when holding it. I can’t claim “ball” as his first word yet since he doesn’t consistently call it a ball, but I think it’s close to being his first real word.

Hudson is also working on drinking from a straw cup. It’s pretty cute as his cheeks dimple in while he sucks really hard. He pulls a ton of milk from the straw yet can’t quite control the flow. His eyes get huge as he realizes he can’t swallow all of it. And most of what he sucked up spills out of his mouth like a bathtub overflowing. He’ll get it soon. He gets better at it every day.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ellisa at 10 months old

Ellisa at 10 months old

Miss Ellisa has become my little talker this month. She’s now making all sorts of cute baby sounds and I’m even having a hard time distinguishing between her and Hudson at times. She like to say “Mawww Mawww” as she blows a big bubble with her lips. It’s so cute! And just the last couple of days, Hudson and her seem to be having a raspberry blowing competition. She tries so hard to give a good blow, it’s priceless.

Ellisa is also working hard on her stand and has gotten so much stronger and steadier than before. She has great balance as she almost never falls and bumps her head (something Hudson was notorious for doing last month) but has perfected her get-down fall, always landing smack dab on her bottom. She loves using her toy box to stand and go from box to crib. She doesn’t get around as well as Hudson yet but she’s not far behind. I even saw her climb over him today. Something he used to always do to her. The tables are turning.

We’ve been having feeding issues with Ellisa this last month. Everything was going really well at her 9 month check-up and then two days after I increased their solids to three times a day, she pretty much refused the bottle. It’s been a slow, and highly frustrating, progression upwards to get her to bottle feed again, but she’s doing a ton better. Charles took her for a weekend when this all began and worked on calming and distracting her during bottle feedings. I think the combination of me working on it all day every day–and getting frustrated with her, stressing the both of us out– mixed with her preference for solid foods, turned an already-hard-to-feed baby into an impossible-to-feed baby. She’s now taking acid reflux medicine so I’m hoping that was the root of her problem. Not because I want her to have acid reflux, but it’s easier to solve an acid reflux problem vs. the guessing game of why she would refuse the most basic instinct of survival: eating. I have to give her credit though: she LOVES her solids. So much that she’s getting to the point where she doesn’t even want to be spoon fed. She wants to constantly feed herself, and she’s good at it too. I know this is something some moms struggle with so I’m thankful that she’s picked up feeding herself so well. She loves picking up blueberries, pasta, rice, avocado, and banana bits. Really, anything I give her she’ll eat. It’s too bad she’s just not old enough to feed herself her entire meal. Wouldn’t that be great? I think it’s her spunky independent personality coming out. At least I hope so.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hudson Making Ellisa Smile

Hudson Making Ellisa Smile

I’m sure there’s a ton of things I’m forgetting to mention (oh yeah, Hudson can climb the stairs and dances now too) but this will have to do as this mom needs her sleep. There’s only two more months of monthly updates and then they’ll be one year old! Will they both be walking next month or will they wait beyond their first birthday? I’m anxious to find out what’s next in store. That’s the joy of being a parent, watching your children grow. Right?

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  1. Jess says:

    Those are cute pics of the twins under that chair but…..Don’t let her get used to that pole!

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