An Uchiko Outing

I can’t remember the last time Charles and I had dinner alone. Could it really be over 10 months ago? I’m sure not but gosh, I can’t remember the last time we ate alone. Regardless, my sister Courtney offered to watch the twins tonight and we took her up on it.

Boy was it nice to get away. We decided to check out Uchiko. Ya know? The new more casual Uchi on North Lamar. Yeah yeah. It’s not that new but in my mind, it just opened. Boy how time flies. Anyways, we went there thinking it was going to be fairly casual and cheaper than Uchi. It wasn’t much of either but it was amazing.

When we first got there we both almost forgot what it as like to be at a restaurant together. I really felt like I didn’t know how to order, what to do. Will someone help me here? I felt like I was in a time warp. We had a great time sitting at the sushi bar and enjoying the excitement of the kitchen in front of us. Side note: Sitting at the bar is so much more fun than at a table. I highly recommend it if you are with one other person. It didn’t take long for Charles and I to order a couple beers and enjoy each other’s company, away from babies.

We started with two appetizers, and worked our way through rolls, sushi, soup and grilled meats. It’s hard to stop once you start. Yum. I can honestly say that Uchi, and now Uchiko, are some of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. The service was professional, fast, not pushy, and not chatty (something I despise in wait staffs), and the food was beyond greatness. Here’s how I back up their food. I don’t do raw fish. Never have. Then I went to Uchi with some friends and they made me try their sushi. Ever since then, I will only eat raw fish at Uchi and now Uchiko. It’s seriously so good. I’m bound to try it at other restaurants, as I have in the past, but no other place has turned me into a believer in raw fish. At least not yet. I think that says a lot. And who knew such wonder was available in Austin. Another great reason to LOVE this city.

Our most memorable part of the evening was observing the Japanese man that was sitting by himself next to us. He ordered the 10 course chef’s meal. Every time they brought out a new course, he laughed, shook his head, and took a picture. After watching this continued behavior dish after dish, Charles eventually asked him why he was laughing. He replied, “I’ve never been to a sushi bar before and had so many dishes none of which included sushi.” When we left, he had told the waitress he was too full for anything else. I don’t think he ever got his long-awaited sushi.

Coming home to two crying babies wasn’t so bad after a great meal. Charles and I bottle feed them quickly, put them to bed, and kissed them goodnight. Then we ran to the kitchen to tell Courtney all about our Uchiko outing. What a nice time away we had. Thanks Court! We needed it. What a difference a dinner out makes.


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