Adventures in Food: Plums and Garbanzo Beans

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…One twin likes plums, the other not. Which one will it be? The answer may surprise you. And garbanzo beans: a food or a toy? The decision is yours. As the twins get older, new foods are being explored almost daily. Can Adventures in Food keep up with the twins explorations? Does Adventures in Food want to continue this tasking saga?¬†Tune in next week to see what happens.

Plums and Garbanzo Beans:

Plums: This week was interesting. Ellisa was the one that rejected the plums. I should add that she eats them fine when mixed with cereal, but she was most skeptical at first. Although Hudson seemed a bit shocked by the sourness of the plums (I tried them too and they were too sour for me!), he took to them really well. At one point in the video he starts to whine because he wants more.

I love how the red juice from the plums creates a natural lipstick on both of them. Hudson looks particularly pretty. ;)

Garbanzo beans: My thought here is that Ellisa loves to pick food up and put it in her mouth. I think she’s more interested in the playfulness of it all vs. the actual food/taste. Regardless, she loves garbanzo beans. I wonder what percentage of them actually got to her stomach. Hudson on the other hand tends to be a bit picky about picking up his food. He tries the garbanzo beans alright, but again, I think the texture turned him off.

These were a mess but Ellisa had fun!

3 Responses to “Adventures in Food: Plums and Garbanzo Beans”
  1. Joseph says:

    I notice in these videos that there will be at least one point where one twin reaches out for the other to get his/her attention. Pretty neat. I wonder if they have started to develop a lot of concern for the other?

  2. Grandpa Tom says:

    Hudson studies (the beans) and Ellisa just goes for it. Interesting how differently they approach
    food. So cute! Wonder if that will carry over to other things in their lives.

  3. Sarah says:

    I could watch them ALL day! They are so so cute!

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