Adventures in Food: Apricots and Squash

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…We’ve got two new foods both babies like. But will Hudson still make his bitter face? Come back and visit us next week when we explore plums and garbanzo beans.

Apricots and Squash:

The both seem to like these two new foods. I’m especially surprised about the squash. Squash is now one of their favorite foods. By favorite, I mean that they eat it with out any kind of negative reaction. The fact that they continue to open their mouths to eat more is the only sign I know of that means they like it. Hudson of course makes his typical bitter face with each new food he tries but with these foods, he continues to eat on. Yes, two new foods they both like!

And I would like to note here that they are both eating full spoonfuls of peas. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.


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