Adventures in Food: A Special Sour Episode

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…The twins try daddy’s favorites: Sauerkraut and Pickles (juice that is). What kind of crazy reactions will they have? Some of Hudson’s best yet! But will Hudson share his daddy’s favorite food? And what will Charles do if his son doesn’t share his affinity for pickles? Check in next week when we return to our normal programming and explore apricots and squash.

Sauerkraut Juice and Pickle Juice: I’ve dedicated this episode to sour foods. It’s appropriate this week as Sunday is Father’s Day and no one likes sour foods more than Charles. BTW: These taste tests are Charles’ doings. Although I thoroughly enjoy watching them myself. I think it’s safe to say Hudson has a strong reaction to both of these sour juices. I’m sure he’ll learn to love them. And Miss Ellisa once again, doesn’t seem to mind so much. I think someone is trying to get on daddy’s good side.

This was taken awhile back. I think they were close to 6 months old.

This one is even older as Charles couldn’t resist giving them pickle juice ASAP. I think they were close to 5 months old here. I love it when Hudson almost falls over (1:40)! Sorry for the low quality.

One Response to “Adventures in Food: A Special Sour Episode”
  1. Joseph says:

    Wow! I want Hudson to grow up and be a restaurant critic. He can just post his reactions to the food for his reviews.

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