Adventures in Food: Sweet Potatoes and Blueberries

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…It’s a love hate relationship with these two new foods. But which one does each twin love and hate? Tune in next week to see how the twin’s taste buds transform when they eat strawberries and black-eyed peas. Yes, we’ll feed them anything.

Sweet Potatoes and Blueberries: I’m sad to say I have no video of them eating this week. However, I must defend myself in saying that there isn’t anything too exciting to show. Both Ellisa and Hudson reacted the same way to both of these foods. They both took to sweet potatoes immediately (no reaction worth watching) and they both hated blueberries (same old gagging reflex). I think it’s the texture more than anything as they both gag on foods with skins–blueberries and peas. Could that be it? Once I mixed the blueberries with some peaches and pears, they didn’t seem to have a problem. We’ll see how they react to the pears I recently made. I left the skins on.

While we’re talking about food, let’s talk briefly about what happpens to that food once consumed. Ellisa and Hudson are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to digestion. Hudson is loose as a goose and Ellisa is solid as a rock. To help them both with these not-so-pleasant-problems, I’ve been giving them different foods. If your baby is having one of these digestive problems, I recommend trying this menu until things settle down as normal. It seems to be working pretty well for us.

Hudson (loose goose):
4 tbsp of rice cereal
2 tbsp of sweet potatoes
2 tbsp of bananas

Ellisa (rock solid):
4 tbsp of barley cereal
2 tbsp of peaches/pears/blueberries mixture
2 tbsp of a veggie: carrots and sweet potatoes have been our staples

What’s difficult about twins is I have to be selective in what food I thaw out to make sure that they can eat it before it expires. Home-made food goes bad within a week or so, so I try to pick things that they both can eat. When they’re having different reactions to their food, it makes this difficult. Oh, life with twins.

And for everyone’s amusement, least of which will be Ellisa’s, I have a video to share.

I decided to grab my video camera while I was watching a precious moment between the twins. During lunch one day, Hudson looked over at Ellisa, gave her a big smile, and then reached out to grab her hand. It was so cute. Once I got the camera out and they saw me recording, Ellisa decided to do something else. She’s gonna hate me for this when she’s older. Sorry honey! Ellisa tends to have a fast metabolism as this video shows. I swear, every time we sit down for a meal, she has to take care of business.

2 Responses to “Adventures in Food: Sweet Potatoes and Blueberries”
  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve also caught Baylor taking a dump on film. Classic! Red face and everything…

  2. Joseph says:

    That was pretty hilarious! She does not really attempt to hide much as to what she is doing. Keep pushing Elissa!

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