Old Chum the Lion

Ellisa loves Old Chum the Lion. I discovered this within the first month of her being home when I put her down in her bassinet. Laying on her back looking up, a lion face from her mobile appeared. Looking down on her was an adorable little lion, smiling. As soon as she saw the lion’s face, she started smiling back and talking to it—baby talk of course. Then I noticed that the same lion was on her play mat. She did the same thing with this lion; smiling, talking, and grabbing at it. I decided to move the play mat lion to her crib so she always has Chum with her while she sleeps. She even has a Chum mirror in her crib. She just loves them both!*

The crazy thing is the other week, I was looking at old baby photos for another blog post and I noticed that we have a photo of Ellisa in NICU with the SAME lion hanging above her. So weird! I think she saw it so much in NICU that she remembers it. The lion is such a happy character that I like to think it was her best friend during her stay in NICU. Sad I know. She probably spent more time with that inanimate object than “anybody” else. We have since named her lion friend Old Chum. Old Chum now sleeps with Ellisa every night in her crib at home. Just like in NICU.

Chum in NICU

Chum in NICU

*Thanks to the Purmas for giving us the Chum related toys. Without those, who knows if Ellisa would have ever seen her best friend again.

2 Responses to “Old Chum the Lion”
  1. Katy Maurer says:

    That smile absolutely warmed my heart!!!

  2. Sarah says:


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