Adventures in Food: Peaches and Carrots

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…Ellisa realizes she prefers solids over milk–any solid will do–and Hudson finds the rabbit within. But how does Hudson react to peaches? Visit us next week when we try sweet potatoes and blueberries.

Peaches and Carrots: Well, Ellisa seems to find almost every food worthy of eating. She still gags every now and then on first-time-bites but overall, she’s become a great little eater. It’s getting to the point where she seems to prefer solids to milk. Of course she hasn’t come around to peas or avocados, but we’re still working on those. What is it about green foods? After all, she’s 5% Irish.

Hudson discovered this week that he loves carrots. It must be their sweetness. He’s warming up to peaches too. You just can’t give him a big mouthful of pure peaches all at once. I’m mixing bites of new foods with cereal to dilute them for him. That seems to do the trick! Of course, he’s not falling for it with peas. What is it about peas? I think they’re quite tasty myself.

I love Hudson’s first sigh of disappointment and how Ellisa moves her tongue all about as she explores the new taste and texture.


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