A great weekend: Pools, parties, and lotsa babies!

Last Friday evening Charles and I took the babies out to the pool for the first time. They both seemed to like it. Watching them experience things for the first time is incredible. I’m not sure why it’s so much fun, but it is.

Hudson was a bit apprehensive at first–just taking it all in–but warmed up pretty fast. You could tell his little brain was thinking about every little thing as it was all new to him.

Hudson in the water with Daddy

Hudson in the water with Daddy.

Hudson at the pool

Hudson at the pool.

Ellisa loved the pool. She has always liked the water–grabbing at it as if it’s a solid object and splashing all about. It wasn’t a surprise when she took to it like a fish. Her swimming reflex for crawling made her look like a pro and her natural boyancy made it easy for her to float.

Daddy splashing with Ellisa

Daddy splashing with Ellisa.

Happy Ellisa at the pool

Happy Ellisa at the pool.

Saturday was a busy day in babyland. After a slow start with breakfast at noon–mommy and daddy are not big morning people–the babies went back to the pool with daddy after their lunch. Hudson had a much more successful pool experience this day as he splashed, floated and relaxed with daddy for over half an hour. After pool time, the whole family was off to a birthday party. At the party, Ellisa had fun seeing all the other children run around. She especially liked Lilly, her friend for the day. I think it was really good for the twins to see other children and experience a new place. Hudson had a blast swinging with daddy and the older girls.

Hudson swinging

Hudson swinging.

After the birthday party we ran over to Gabe and Kristin’s place for dinner. Gabe and Kristin made an amazing dinner for us and we all just hung out for a few hours. The twins had a hard time napping from the excitement of the day, so we left early so they could get home for a good night’s sleep. No more late nights with friends I guess.

Sunday was meant to be a take-it-easy-day at home. And we did just that until mommy group at 4:00. Boy was that fun! It’s so neat to see everyone’s babies grow. I had a great time catching up with all the moms. Some of them I hadn’t seen since before I went into labor. That was over 8 months ago! What a great group of women.

Mommy group at the condo

Mommy group at the condo.

Hudson and Rocco finally meet

Hudson and Rocco finally meet.

After a sunset dinner, the twins went to bed around 9:00 (Yeah, I know, late). Then Charles and I got to enjoy a meal to ourselves in peace and quiet.

Ellisa showing off her tongue

Ellisa showing off her tongue at dinner.

Hudson eating

Hudson being silly during dinner time.

You can’t beat a weekend full of pool time, parties, and adorable babies (not just mine this time). And let’s not forget, family time is the best of times. How wonderful life is!

2 Responses to “A great weekend: Pools, parties, and lotsa babies!”
  1. Krissy says:

    How cool Mommy group I’ve never done anything like that.

  2. Joseph says:

    I am not sure about that Hudson and Rocco pair. They looked like they were already planning trouble. Great photo shoot weekend. Keep em coming!

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