8 months today (actually two days ago)!

Another month has whizzed by. This past month has been great. Both babies are sleeping 10-12 hours at night, napping close to 4 hours a day (not always at the same time unfortunately), and eating solids twice a day.

Ellisa and Hudson at 8 months

Ellisa and Hudson at 8 months

Hudson has taken off–literally. That is, taken off across the room and taken off with his language development. He can commando crawl everywhere and is climbing over his sister, mom, dad, and anyone else who dares to get in his way. He can’t sit on his own without tumbling over for very long yet, but sitting is something he’s not interested in. Diaper changes and bottle feedings are getting nearly impossible with this little wiggle worm. Yes it’s annoying but oh so cute.

This past month Hudson has really begun to vocalize on a whole new level. He says “Ma Ma,” “Da Da,” and “Ra Ra” among many other adorable sounds. He’s also playing with his tongue–sticking it in and out, mimicking our tongue motions, and vibrating his lips to create raspberries. Sometimes he opens and closes his mouth without sound coming out as if he’s trying to tell you something secretive from across the room. That’s an interesting one.

Yesterday Hudson stood up for the first time on his own! It’s something new every day with this little boy.

Hudson at 8 months

Hudson at 8 months-I can't get him to stay still for a photo!

Ellisa isn’t quite where her brother is but she’s made some great advances of her own this past month. We’re very proud of her progress up to now. She gets up on all fours and pumps about—ready to crawl at any moment. Just the other day I saw her move a few steps forward with her legs. She’s just got to get the arm motion down and she’ll be crawling proper in no time. She can move about much more now (a full 360 degrees) and get to almost any toy within a couple feet. Her biggest problem right now is that she gets frustrated that she can’t get to toys easier and either gives up or cries. It won’t be much longer until she figures it out.

She can sit really well for 5-10 minutes at a time and she can hold her own bottle if laying on her back. I love these new developments as it makes my life a bit easier.

Ellisa has also grown her first two teeth! We noticed them a few weeks ago. She may have had them at 7 months but I didn’t even notice. That came as a big surprise since I never saw them until she bit my finger one day. Ouch! I guess it’s good she wasn’t having any of those dreadful teething symptoms. I hope neither of them do.

Ellisa at 8 months

Ellisa at 8 months-15.9 lbs

Both Hudson and Ellisa are laughing more now. Hudson especially will laugh at almost anything. Cracking him up is possibly one of the best things in the world. What a smile that boy has! Ellisa’s laugh doesn’t come with ease but she’s definitely laughing more often–and what a wonderful laugh hers is to see.

Everyone is growing and changing by the day. This is sure getting fun!

One Response to “8 months today (actually two days ago)!”
  1. Mary Ann O'Gorman says:

    Such a lucky woman to witness the joys of development day by day. Enjoy the lessons that no two are the same, and each with their own ways. Guess it is hard to believe we don’t have more conflict with all our different ways.

    Thanks for writing this as it tells me why I found mothering such a great experience. Have you had time to notice any changes in you yet?

    Mary Ann

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