Adventures in Food: Peas and Pears

This week on “Adventures in Food”…

…Hudson tastes his worst food yet: peas. While Ellisa discovers that she loves fruit. But what does she think of her brother’s least favorite food? Stay tuned next week to find out if the twins like peaches and carrots!

Peas and Pears: So the jury’s out: Hudson hates all food (well, almost).

Hudson can eat tons of cereal and mashed bananas. All other foods have not been fully accepted by this picky little boy. After a week of adapting to the taste of pears, he will now finish his pear portion of the meal–1 tbsp–however, he still gags every now and then. And forget about peas. OMG! He hates peas. He makes funny faces, wiggles in his chair, has gagging reflexes, and creates weird breathing noises—the works. But boy, is it funny! I kind of feel bad but I can’t have my kids grow up eating only pizza, french fries, and chicken nuggets. Can I? I swear, he likes these new foods more and more each day, it’s just taking some time. And peas are taking the longest for him to accept as tasty.

This is hilarious. I tell you, he does this with every food!

Ellisa doesn’t care much for peas either but after a week of this new food, she finally had a full tbsp while only gagging once. Mind you, they were mixed with cereal so I’m not out of the clear quite yet. She’s loving her fruits and has become quite the little eater. She opens her mouth with every bite and always finishes her pears, peaches, and bananas. I think her new love for solids is making it difficult for her to take her bottle now. Understood.

I love her pea goatee. I hate her grunting from the displeasure of the taste.

4 Responses to “Adventures in Food: Peas and Pears”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my! Glad I finally got a chance to watch this. How entertaining! So fun to see them on video. : )

  2. Joseph says:

    Let Charles feed them some things from his personal menu. I am sure the sardines and pickle pimento loaf will go down awesome!

  3. Sarah says:

    Too funny! They’ll grow to love them! We should Skype this weekend! xoxo, S

  4. Kristin says:

    I feel slightly responsible for these reactions since I helped create this food that they hate, but love to watch just how much they hate it. They are just so funny! I’m glad they are slowly coming around.

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