Ellisa: Cute Videos

Here’s some funny and adorable videos to share of Ellisa. I hope these aren’t too boring. Of course, I love every minute of them and I’m sure she will too when she gets older. There’s some cute cameo’s of Hudson too.

April was Ellisa’s first month of eating solids. You can tell she’s still trying to get the hang of it. Take note of Hudson’s bib.

Ellisa can get pretty dirty when eating. We almost always have to give her a quick wash down in the sink afterwards. She just loves to grab the spoon and feel the food with her hands as she eats, hence the mess. She also loves to grab the water with her hands too. BTW moms: Bumbos are great for sink cleanings.

Ellisa playing with her tongue while aunt Courtney encourages* her.
*Do your best jagger.

Ellisa pushing her face up against her crib. Silly girl.

One Response to “Ellisa: Cute Videos”
  1. Joseph says:

    Such adorable cheeks! She is going to come to hate that when the relatives want to pinch them all the time.

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