7 months today!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over half a year since the twins were born. Boy does the time pass.

Today was a great day. The twins got their 6th month assessment and both of them scored really well for their adjusted age and their prematurity. After our long morning at the doc’s, we came home for a quick lunch and Ellisa and I took the best nap of my life (so far). Charles came home from work by 5:00 and made a great healthy dinner for us, we feed the babies—they are both doing great with their rice cereal now—took their 7th month photos, and gave them a bath and bottle. I now have two little angels sleeping upstairs in their cribs. Knock on wood. I’m a happy mom today.

Twins at 7 months

Twins at 7 months

Twins at 7 months-so serious

Twins at 7 months-so serious

Hudson has really changed in the last month. He smiles and laughs all the time, makes adorable coo’s and awe’s that wake me in the morning, is no longer fussy as he finds many things to keep his attention, moves all over the place getting to anything in site, studies everything everyone is doing and saying, and has mastered shoveling down solids. This month has definitely been his biggest month for developmental changes. I can already see the toddler coming out of him. No, not so soon!

Hudson at 7 months

Hudson at 7 months-18 lbs!

Ellisa has physically gotten a ton stronger this last month. She can keep her head up no problem, roll over from front to back and back to front, push up with extended arms while on her belly, sit up with little support, and keep her head upright while being held. Her and Hudson are all over their cribs! She is more expressive than ever too. She smiles at everything and every now and then daddy, and only daddy, can get a laugh out of her. It’s kind of a duh-da laugh. My favorite thing about Ellisa this past month is she has finally decided that she enjoys being held. I think this took her awhile after being in NICU for so long. I know, it can be a blessing and a curse but it’s wonderful to hold her and know she now finds comfort.

We are still concerned about Ellisa’s head circumference not being on the charts yet, but it seems that regardless, she is using what she’s got. So far all of her social and cognitive development assessments have her scoring normal for her corrected age. It’s frustrating as parents knowing that there is nothing we can do to help other than keeping her well feed. It was explained to me today that the infection has left healing and scar tissue within the brain. I guess her body is working to heal itself first. Her head is still growing but not at the rate it should be. Urg!

Everyone we meet with today seemed shocked at how great Ellisa is doing considering her circumstances. I feel truly blessed in that regard. They said we must be doing something right at home. I’d like to think being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), walks with daddy in the evening, and daily visits from family have helped stimulate Ellisa in ways she wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. Thanks to everyone that has helped!* It is obviously keeping her little brain working like it needs to.

Ellisa at 7 months

Ellisa at 7 months-14.9 lbs

I’m looking forward to month 8! Will they be sitting on their own and/or crawling? Stay tuned next month to find out.

*Grandpa Tom, Grandma Joan (G-Jay) and Gran-T, Aunt Courtney and Uncle Jess, the Purma family for their long and engaging out-of-town visits, and Gabe, Kristin, and Jacey. Also, Ellisa’s PT, Mary Elizabeth Parker who has been a tremendous help and taken a large portion of the worry off us. We are lucky that we can enjoy our little baby girl without being to worried or stressed.

4 Responses to “7 months today!”
  1. Corinna McKoy says:

    We are so happy to learn that the twins are doing so well!!! The photos you’ve posted are ADORABLE and I love reading your commentary! We can’t wait to meet your little ones! Love to you all, Corinna

  2. Grandpa Tom says:

    That’s Great News! I’m so Happy to hear the doctors confirm their progress. You and Charles
    have done such a tremendous job of getting them thru it all, and it has certainly paid off.
    I couldn’t be a happier grandpa.

  3. Sarah says:

    Umm…in case you didn’t know already, I’m kind of obsessed with them! Glad to read about their progress and see such cute photos! I want to come visit again, soon! xoxo

  4. Katrina says:

    I’m so glad things are going smashingly for the peanuts! Let’s all get together again soon!

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