Devil and Angel

We’re 2 days shy of 6 months and I think I’m beginning to see personality traits sticking.

The Devil: Now let me start by saying that Hudson is adorable, melts my heart daily, and one of the three best joys in my life. However, he can unleash a cry/scream (grandpa Walsh coined it a scry) that can only have been created by and sent from the devil himself.

Since the day we brought him home from the hospital he has always needed extra attention. Oh, you want to sit down and get off your feet for a minute? I don’t think so. Hudson is always on top of you. You must stand up, hold him upright facing forward in a sitting position (he’s very particular here), and walk around. Don’t even think of stopping for a second. Our pediatrian says some kids brains develop faster than their bodies and he is frankly just bored. Right. I don’t buy that. He wants to see you work for his love. And you do. Not for love necessarily but to calm down the devil inside.

If anyone knows of a good exorcist, please let me know.

The Angel: My sweet Ellisa. What can I say about her? She smiles almost all the time and when she isn’t in a good mood, she needs either food or sleep. Simple as that. You can set her down on a play mat and return an hour later watching as she entertains herself by flirting with Chum (her favorite lion character) or kicking her legs in excitement from seeing herself in the mirror. Yes, her cry can be deafening if you don’t tend to her needs fast, but let’s face it, angels are allowed to cry when they’re hungry and tired too. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter and more pleasant baby girl.

Let’s just hope that The Devil finds another baby to inhabit soon and The Angel spreads her wings in the direction of her brother.

The Devil and The Angel


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